Credits Theatre

Electra Iphigenia Rhonwen Cash/Playhouse Studio
Who’s Afraid of the Working Class? Sgt. Debbie Johnstone Will Hammond/LIPA
13 Sarah Adam Penford/LIPA
Party Time Melissa Gari Jones/LIPA
Celebration Waitress Gari Jones/LIPA
Henry V Boy, Chorus Judith McSpadden/LIPA
A View from the Bridge Beatrice Gillian Lemon/LIPA
Company April Bill Doyle/SDSCPA
Romeo and Juliet Friar Laurence Jennipher Lewis / SDSCPA

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Liberal Arts Zibby Philip Wood/LIPA
Boys’ Life Lisa Philip Wood/LIPA


Say A Prayer for California Young Blood, Kidd Gallows Mortise Fontaine/M45
The Seer (Video Game Demo) Katherine, Stephanie, Lily Dave Bottomley/Cosmonaut Studios
Boys’ Life Lisa Philip Wood/LIPA
Voice Reel Various Simon Cryer/Marina Caldarone
Kill Bill ADR Copperhead, Nikki Bell/LIPA
Welcome To Night Vale Scene — Faceless Old Woman LIPA
Wrath of the Titans Andromeda ADR LIPA/Dir. Ben Chick

SINGING: Mezzo-­‐Soprano (E3 to Bb6), Belt (to E5), A Capella, Actor-­‐Singer, Musical Theatre

LANGUAGES: English*, Spanish (basic)

ACCENTS: American-­‐California*, American-­‐Standard, RP, American-­‐Southern States, American-­‐West Coast, Scottish Highlands

DANCE: Ballet (basic), Contemporary (basic), Jazz (basic), Modern (basic), Tap (basic)

OTHER: ADR, CA Driver’s License, Cycling, Directing, Devising, Improvisation, Playwriting, Physical Theatre, Sound Design (basic), Spoken Word, Swimming, Voice Acting, Voice Over, Yoga




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